Disaster recovery

Italspazio's satellite solutions are critical tools that can be relied to provide high quality immediate communications services and aide in any search and rescue operation or disaster recovery effort. Regardless of the location or the state of the terrestrial communication infrastructure, Italspazio solutions offer unmatched flexibility and network availability.

Satellite communication technologies facilitate contact between team members, makes it simple to set up a temporary operations base, and even allows you to track vehicles or other critical resources in real time. Many of these tasks can be simply accomplished with a single Italspazio's solution.

Italspazio Solutions for Emergency Responders & Disaster Recovery Personnel include:

  • Portable satellite solutions that can be set up in minutes and service the communications needs of a few people or an entire camp
  • Vehicle-mounted satellite solutions provide mobility and accessibility into hazardous or remote areas
  • Reliable radio communications
  • Wireless Internet connectivity
  • Worker Safety safety devices like hand-held mobile and Panic-Alert devices